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Hi everyone!
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quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2012

No.body is perfect

Congratulations Helena, for having written with your heart.

In this world we have a lot of different and extraordinary people. Everyone wants to be perfect, but I think nobody is perfect, I think it's impossible.
Lots of people are critical of their bodies and they go on diets and do a lot of exercise. Some people become anorexic because they go too far with those things , but this is wrong, this world needs open eyes ; the most important thing isn’t appearance but what’s inside of us, our heart ; we can’t see it but we can feel it. What’s the importance of our appearance when we haven’t got anything inside ? Nothing, nothing at all.
Thin or fat, tall or short, everyone is special and doesn’t need to be what the others want to but what we really are. We can’t be perfect but we can be happy in the imperfection.
Nobody is perfect but everyone can reach perfection in their lives, in their own special and unique way.

Helena Branco, 8ºH

sábado, 18 de fevereiro de 2012

No.body is perfect

Written with the heart. Congratulations!

Nobody is perfect. For me this is a real fact, and, when a person says: “I am perfect and nobody is like me!”, I think that this person is full of himself, this person is out of his mind.
In all the world there isn´t a perfect person, and the very famous people are not perfect, they just have money and can buy beauty.
Sometimes I wish I were more perfect but the beauty I have is much more precious. In my entire life I have seen very pretty girls and boys, but they are often not nice, they are arrogant.
I have a lot of friends, and they have got a special and unique beauty inside and outside but I like them for the beauty they have got inside of them.
The beauty is something that all of us have. Inside or outside… is it important? Because the most important beauty comes from the inside.
No.body is perfect – very important, and so true!

Juliana Correia, 8ºH

quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2012

Job: astronomer

Teaching is sometimes very hard. But students like this one prevent us from giving up or losing hope.
Thank you for being interested in learning.
Maria Antónia, English teacher.

 Hi, my name is Sofia and I am an astronomer. I have a very busy day.

In the morning I have to study the stars. Today I’m studying the Sun and the Earth. I go to the laboratory to study the Earth’s composition. I haven’t discovered it yet but I know that one day I will.

After that I study something else. I calculate the distances between the stars (the Sun and the Earth). I finish my work and then go home.
I travel very much because my home is in Portugal and the laboratory is in the USA. Of course that I don’t travel every day from Portugal to the USA because I rented a house in Los Angeles, but the laboratory is in New York. I travel from Los Angeles to New York. I don’t care about the distance because I love my work in spite of being difficult. I like difficult things; I think that is why I love my job.

Ana Sofia Pereira Gomes, 7ºH

terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day!

Wish you all a very, very pleasant day full of love, tenderness, care and friendship.
Congratulations to the CEF class and their English teacher, Olívia Rodrigues - their message placard was a huge success!
Check it out!

quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

Time to celebrate love

It's not just because saint valentine's is coming but also because I think that love is one of the most important ingredients of life. Either is if it's the love of a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a husband or a wife, the love of our children, of our friends, classmates, co-workers or students. Love is good, being in love is so nice and fills our hearts with joy and happiness. It makes us wanna go further and further. Love makes us strong and capable of doing everything. We become bold and radiant. We are surrounded by love stories - sad or happy -, they are everywehere: in books, like Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", in films, like "City of Angels" (sad but sooooooo beautiful story) or the "Twillight" series, and in countless songs throughout the times.
Here are some of my favourite. Click on the link and enjoy!

Let's celebrate love!

quarta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2011

"An adventure in the Amazon rainforest", by Fernando Jorge Pinheiro da Silva - 8ºC

Last month I went on a holiday to Brazil. No, if you think that I travelled alone, you’re wrong. Me and my friends got some money from a contest at school and then we had this fantastic idea to go on a holiday to Brazil with our science teacher. So back to the story, we stayed in a hotel, the cheapest that we found. On the first day we visited some beaches and Cristo Rei, but on the second day, we wanted to have a fantastic adventure. Our science teacher thought it was an excellent idea but dangerous too. We talked with our parents too and they all disagreed with our idea. Then, we started to think in another “way” to go there. Our science teacher said that if we keep it in secret, we could go to the Amazon forest. We agreed and went there. On the second day we got up really early and our teacher took us to the rainforest. We were 5, with our teacher 6, and we found a guide. She showed us a lot of animals but we had to be careful or they could attack. I was taking some photos and they were going too fast. I wasn’t too worried about it because if we get lost we should go to the entry. Some minutes after I took the photos, I noticed that I was lost. I tried to get back, but I didn’t memorize where the entry was. Now, I was really afraid and someone was stalking me. I was really, really scared. They didn’t stop to follow me. They asked what was I doing in their village and I told them that I was lost. They didn’t hurt me. I asked them if they had anything to drink and they gave me some water. They took care of me while I was there and they wanted to give me some leopard meat. I told them that I just didn’t eat meat. They understood my choice. Some hours later I heard some sounds. It were my friends! The tribe was grateful for trying our food, and I tought them some words in English too! It was time to go and to come back to Portugal. I will miss them a lot. It was a great adventure, and maybe I’ll be back.

quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011

Adventure in Longleat

Hi everyone! I’m Ana and I’m going to tell you about my adventure in Longleat (Wiltshire, England), when I got lost from my friends.
It was a beautiful day: the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Yes, my friends and I were ready to go to Longleat Safari Park!! We were very excited and curious.
After two hours travelling, we saw the big mansion and we said: “Yey! It’s Longleat! Look!”. We went to the ticket office and then, WE WERE COMPLETELY FREE! With rules, of course!
We went for a walk: we visited the big mansion – it’s awesome! It was very cool, but it was there where I got lost from my friends.
I crossed all the mansion, but they weren’t there! And I didn’t know how to speak English correctly! So, stupidly, I thought that they had gone to the Wild Animals Area. And I went too (on foot).
I was very, very scared when some monkeys came to me! But they were cool and they just tickled me. I laughed a lot!
After long laughs, they went away. I walked for a few minutes and, suddenly, I stopped: oh my God, it was a big lion! And it didn’t seem so nice like the monkeys… I ran away, but it caught me!
After that, I can’t remember anything. I just know that I’m here, in the Wiltshire Hospital, without my legs, writing this text and remembering my stupid idea! :(

Ana Isabel Fernandes, 8ºG